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Understanding How to Be a Generator

So your Human Design energy type says you’re a “Generator”, huh?

What the heck does that mean? What is an “authority”? Why are there so many colors? Where did all the arrows and lines come from!?

Trust me, I was right there with you not too long ago. Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Getting into Human Design can be really overwhelming, but that’s where I can help, turning this mumbo-jumbo into daily energetic magic. 

Over the last few years, I have spent my time learning and embodying the beauty that living authentically within your Human Design can bring to your relationship with yourself, your partners, your co-workers, and your communities.


Alright, let’s start with what is Human Design (HD):

As with everything in life, understanding the basics of what we are learning is key to truly embodying and effectively implementing tools like HD into our personal growth. 

Simply put, Human Design is the study of energy and how each person affects and is affected by those around them.

Through our understanding of the way our own energy moves, flows, and is affected, we can better move through the world around us. 

It also allows us to better understand those around us, which really enhances positive clear communication. Let’s be real we could all use a little more of that. 


If you are curious about deep diving into the nitty-gritty of the Human Design life, you can check out my blog about getting started with HD


But for now, I want to chat with you more about what it means to be a Generator.

Generator Fun Facts:

  • Generators are meant to live in response to life, moving towards what excites them, what turns them on, what leaves them feeling energized.
  • The more fun you’re having, the more aligned you will be.
  • As you follow your bliss, your excitement, you will find yourself exactly where you are meant to be. 
  • You will have a passion, a calling that pulls you in, leaving you with a very deeply impactful craft when you are living in integrity with your Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority.

There are 3 main components to your Human Design that we want to start with - energy, strategy, and authority...

Generator is your energy type. Fun fact, I am a Generator too! We make about 37% of the population and we are open responsive beings. Our auras stretch wide, enveloping the space and humans around us, giving us plentiful opportunities to use our Generator gifts. Our auras magnetize to us things to respond to.

We are meant to find work that we love, and we are most successful and happy when we are aligned with the work we are doing. 

Now, this also means that as Generators, if we are misaligned or we don’t understand how our Generator powers work, run the risk of misaligned responses and some hardcore burnout. 


Think about it this way:

You love being creative. Drawing is your passion, but in order to be aligned, you need the freedom to create from your spirit. 

But, you take a design job where your supervisor is micromanaging your artistic expression. You begin to resent your work, not even wanting to pick up your drawing pad. The frustration and burn-out is real! 

Let’s take the same creative soul and place them with a supervisor who encourages freedom of expression and artistic design...

This supervisor is so excited to see the ideas you come up with, and after a few renditions, the piece is perfect and everyone is happy. But you don’t want to stop! You feel like you could fill up 15 more notepads riding this energetic Generator alignment! 

That's where the magic of the Generator lies. When work is fun, we can literally keep going forever. 


So we covered your energy type, now what’s your strategy? 

Follow me here: Our energy is a vehicle. Our strategy is how we use that vehicle. You aren’t taking a Porsche into the desert to go off-roading, but you would take a jeep. Our strategy is how our energy is meant to be used. 

As a Generator our strategy is to wait to respond. You know how I mentioned we Gens have this big, powerful, enveloping aura? Well, it’s taking in all these things to respond to... what you want for lunch, a funny conversation over yonder, doggos passing by, an invitation to dinner, my husband looking sexy af…literally all the things are surrounding us. 

But, we are waiting for something to pique our interest, to pull us in, to make us light up. 

As Generators, we do not create things to respond to. We wait...and if you are thinking, “girl, I am not patient enough for this shizz. I can’t wait.”

I feel you. I do. I felt the same way. But, there is a deep well of power in the lull. I promise.

Because of the ever-flowing opportunity to respond, you often don’t have to wait for long. You just have to be patient when you do. Something is on its way to you, wait a moment and see what is magnetized to you next. 

Rushing, pressing, pushing, and attempting to make it all happen will only leave you frustrated and spinning your wheels. 


And finally, we come to your authority...

Our authority tells us how we should be responding in alignment. It is our internal intuition. 

There are 2 types of authorities for Generators:

  • Sacral
  • Emotional 

For those of us who are Sacral authorities (myself included), we have guttural reactions. 

The Sacral is actually the only authority that is vocal...

“Uh- huh!” (yes)
“Uh-uh” (no)

When we are prompted to respond, our gut gives us HELLS YES or a HELLS NO. It feels like an expansion of energy towards the thing or a contraction of energy away from the thing. It happens almost immediately.  

Sacral authority Generators, test this out - sit and ask yourself or have someone close to you ask you direct yes/no or this/that questions

  • “Do you like coffee?”
  • “Do you like tacos?”
  • “Would you like to go to sleep or take a bath?”
  • “Do you like the beach or the mountains?”

Start to feel that guttural response. 

Emotional authority Generators have a little more tricky time determining how they should respond. They have this beautiful emotional wave that can feel overwhelming and exhausting if you aren’t familiar with what the heck is going on inside your body. 

Emotional authorities have to ride their wave to get to their answer. That wave can feel big, powerful, deep, high. All the feels.


Emotional authorities’ response looks a little like this: 

Husband says “Hey Honey, do you want tacos for dinner?” 

Wifey looks at their husband, takes in what he says and this is what flashes through her mind, “Tacos are awesome. Let’s do it. Oh wait enchiladas sound more delicious right now. I would rather have enchiladas. Tacos are out. Oh crap, but now I am thinking about those tacos from the new place we found. Yum, I love that place. Tacos are back.” 

If she lets herself ride the wave of feelings she has about tacos, she will reach her decision.

She can then respond to her hubby with a, “Yes, tacos sound awesome!”

This is a really simple explanation of an emotional wave, and they don’t always happen so quickly. 

One of my biggest pieces of advice for an emotional authority is to always sleep on your decisions.

Emotional authorities tend to struggle with feeling 100% sure of their responses at first because they have just had a myriad of emotions run through them and they aren’t sure if they actually got to the answer or just an answer in this moment. Their yeses and nos can feel shifty at first. 

But, with practice, the emotional authority will make more sense to you!

To start learning more about emotional waves, keep an emotional response journal. 

Write down how you feel throughout the day and what is triggering it. See if you can begin to track your waves so that you can visually see what they look like. 

This will help you see how long they take, how deep they go, and when it is safer to come to that response. 


My beautiful souls, we have just hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to living authentically within your Human Design, as a Generator. I hope these tools gave you a jump start to better understanding your energetic flow, and if you are craving more and feel called to respond, check out my Generator Masterclass. 


Or, want more hands-on support? Book an integration call here and we will work together to untangle your design for you and break through the blocks holding you back from living in alignment with yourself.


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