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Embody Your Power Using Human Design


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Human Design is the study of energy. How your energy moves, how it affects and is affected, the study of your aura and how you move through the world. 

Human Design is a scientific system created upon the principles of Quantum physics, astrology, I Ching, and the Kabbalah chakra system. 

In learning to understand your unique Human Design, you learn to understand the energy within your physical body and how that energy interacts with the world. 

Human Design is a manual to your unique energetic blueprint and how to utilize it in order to get into alignment in your life, relationships, and business. 

Inside of your Human Design, you can expect to learn what gifts you’re here to share, how to avoid frustration, spinning your wheels, and how to make incredibly aligned decisions. 

How cool is that!?


Not sure about your Human Design type? Find out here! 

a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling.

Ultimately, what we embody, we become. Even if it is out of alignment. 

The way I see it, we all have a way of being that is natural to us and if we were all to lean into that and trust that, dropping what really just IS NOT for us, then we would all find ourselves in flow, fun, and excitement.

Our embodiment affects every aspect of our lives - our relationships, businesses because it is all one  - our energy affects it all.


Getting Started with Your Unique Human Design

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How to Utilize Your Unique Design

Type - Your Auric Energy

Each type has its own energy that shows up in the world uniquely. This is your aura's energy type.

This is like understanding the kind of car you're driving. ⁣


Strategy - How you are meant to utilize that aura. ⁣

Your strategy tells you how you are meant to utilize your unique auric energy.

You're not taking your new Porsche off-roading. Right? ⁣𝘙𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵. ⁣⁣

Your strategy is how you actually utilize the unique energy you've been gifted with. ⁣⁣

This is the way you use the car you’re driving.

Authority - Your Unique Intuition

Your authority is your very own way of knowing what is aligned for you. 

Each authority has its own way of speaking to you. Letting you know when it's safe to move.

You can use your gas pedal in a car sitting at a red light. But, it may not be the best thing for you. ⁣

Or you can use your gas pedal at a green light and then hit every single light green the rest of the way down Main. Heyyyy!

This is the gas pedal of your car, how your car actually moves. ⁣

When you start tuning into your Type, Strategy, and Authority, you will be in the fast lane in no time!


Human Design Our Personal Energetic Blueprint

Human Design allows us to tap into flow, fun, and ease. So, if you are currently feeling frustrated, drained, burnt out, or stuck.  You are 100% in the right place! 

These feelings tend to arise when we are out of alignment with our design and our true self. Your next level is right here inside of your Human Design chart. 

The Human you are craving to be is already inside of you, it is waiting for you to see yourself, acknowledge all of the pieces that make you unique and special.

You deserve to ditch all the “shoulds”, along with all the stuff that isn’t working, and step fully into your unique energetic power.

Learn More About Your Energy Type

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If you are ready to dive deeper into your Human Design, book a personal or business reading here.


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