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Understanding How to Be a Manifesting Generator

So your Human Design energy type says you’re a “Manifesting Generator”, huh?

I don’t know about you, but as I explore and play with my own personal growth, some of the hardest challenges have been grasping what the heck alignment actually feels like, the physical sensation of being so purely in-tune as my own being. 

We talk about alignment. We talk about embodying authenticity. But how do we find it?  

Personally, Human Design is where I found that major jump from frantically seeking what this meant and how to actually do it. By fully leaning into my personal Human Design, I find myself much more naturally functional as a soul, as a being, as Amber. 

Don’t get me wrong. Human Design is not the easiest thing to grasp, and it took me a lot of playing with it, learning about it, and embodying it to really understand this beautiful gift. 

But now, I get to help share HD in a much more straight-forward way, breaking down charts to help other lovely souls more simply find their own alignment, their own bliss. 


Let me explain Human Design briefly, as a starting point...

Human Design (HD) is the study of energy and through our understanding of the way our own energy moves, flows and is affected, we can better move through the world around us.

It also allows us to better understand those around us, which really enhances positive clear communication. Let’s be real the whole world could use a mega-dose of this right now, am I right?

If you are curious about deep diving into the nitty-gritty of the Human Design life, you can check out my blog about getting started with HD


More specifically though, let’s dive into what it means when your Human Design chart reports back that you are a Manifesting Generator (Mani-Gen). 

Manifesting Generator Fun Facts:

  • Manifesting Generators are meant to live in response to life, moving towards what excites them, what turns them on, what leaves them feeling energized.
  • The aura of the Manifesting Generator is enveloping, it’s magnetizing, it pulls things in to respond to.
  • The more fun you’re having, the more aligned you will be.
  • Informing about your process will relieve frustration.
  • Your journey is not linear, you are a deeply multifaceted being.
  • You will have a passion, a calling that pulls you in, then you will find yourself elevating into the next thing seamlessly when you are living in integrity with your Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority.

My Mani Gens - Come explore with me! 

There are 3 main components to your Human Design that we want to start with - energy, strategy, and authority.

Manifesting Generator is your energy type. You are a borderline freaking superhero. There, I said it.

The Generator half of this energy type means Mani-Gens have this incredibly expansive and enveloping aura.

It continually brings in new things for you to respond to, new things to experience.

That Generator power is a strong energy that when in alignment can continually recharge itself. 

The key difference between a pure Generator and a Mani-Gen is in their unique decision-making process. 


Your Strategy...

Follow me here: Our energy type is a vehicle. Our strategy is how we use that vehicle.

You aren’t taking a Porsche into the desert to go off-roading, but you would take a jeep. Our strategy is how our energy is meant to be used. 

Mani-Gens are multifaceted, multi-passionate individuals who have this unique ability to continually respond to things brought into their aura, and when the response is yes, infinite creativity to play in that response. 

This expansive space to respond and soar requires space to make mistakes and pivot as their energy flows. 

Manifesting Generators have these energetic responses or energetic nudges that while often don’t make linear sense, are deeply satisfying when fully aligned. 

The key is staying in integrity with your strategy and waiting for something to respond to before charging ahead. 

Manifesting Generators can find themselves in over their heads, burnt-out, and frustrated when they take on too many things, ideas, and projects. 


And finally, we come to your authority...

Your authority is your internal guidance system, your intuition. Your authority tells you when you should move forward.

There are 2 types of authorities for Manifesting Generators:

  • Sacral 
  • Emotional 

For those of us who are Sacral authorities (myself included), we have guttural reactions. 

The Sacral is actually the only authority that is vocal. 

“Uh- huh!” (yes)
“Uh-uh” (no)

When we are prompted to respond, our gut gives us HELLS YES or a HELLS NO. It feels like an expansion of energy towards the thing or a contraction of energy away from the thing. 

It happens almost immediately.    

Sacral authority Generators, test this out - sit and ask yourself or have someone close to you ask you direct yes/no or this/that questions.

Such as:

  • “Do you like coffee?”
  • “Do you like tacos?”
  • “Would you like to go to sleep or take a bath?”
  • “Do you like the beach or the mountains?"

Start to feel that guttural response. 


Emotional authority Mani-Gens have a little more tricky time determining how they should respond. They have this beautiful emotional wave that can feel overwhelming and exhausting if you aren’t familiar with what the heck is going on inside your body. 

Emotional authorities have to ride their wave to get to their answer. That wave can feel big, powerful, deep, high. All the feels.

Emotional authorities’ response looks a little like this: 

Husband says “Hey Honey, do you want tacos for dinner?” 

Wifey looks at their husband, takes in what he says and this is what flashes through her mind, “Tacos are awesome. Let’s do it. Oh wait enchiladas sound more delicious right now. I would rather have enchiladas. Tacos are out. Oh crap, but now I am thinking about those tacos from the new place we found. Yum, I love that place. Tacos are back.” 

If she lets herself ride the wave of feelings she has about tacos, she will reach her decision.

She can then respond to her hubby with a, “Yes, tacos sound awesome!”

This is a really simple explanation of an emotional wave, and they don’t always happen so quickly. 


One of my biggest pieces of advice for an emotional authority is to always sleep on your decisions.

Emotional authorities tend to struggle with feeling 100% sure of their responses at first because they have just had a myriad of emotions run through them and they aren’t sure if they actually got to the answer or just an answer in this moment. Their yeses and nos can feel shifty at first. 

But, with practice, the emotional authority will make more sense to you!


This is a really simple explanation of an emotional wave, and they don’t always happen so quickly. To start learning more about emotional waves, keep an emotional response journal. 

Write down how you feel throughout the day and what is triggering it. See if you can begin to track your waves so that you can visually see what they look like. 

This will help you see how long they take, how deep they go, and when it is safer to come to that response. 


One last thing before we wrap up...What about the Manifesting part of your Energy Type?

Well, as a Manifesting Generator you have a little two-step you need to do in order to complete your decision-making process. 

Once your authority has made a decision, either yes or no...

You need to try it out. Dip your toes in the water, so to speak. Make a mock calendar, journal about what the decision would feel like, explore some options for making the moves your authority just told you to make. 

Then consult your authority again. 

Yes, I said again. 

Here's why:

Once a Manifesting Generator is in motion, they fly. They take off at light speed. 

This is a fail-safe for your precious energy. 

Once you go, you go all in. 

This secondary check-in with your authority will stop you from burning energy on things that truly aren't meant for you. 


Last thing you need to do? 

Inform. Inform whoever needs to know, inform your partner, your kids, your boss that you are doing the thing. Whatever the thing is. 

You don't need to explain it. Just let them in on the motion you are about to take. 

I promise it will relieve a ton of frustration down the line. 


Putting it all together as a Manifesting Generator…

Now that you can see the overview of your Energy type, Strategy, and Authority, check out this flow chart for your unique decision-making process:

My dears, we have just hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to living authentically within your Human Design, as a Manifesting Generator. I hope these tools gave you a jump start to better understanding your energetic flow, and if you are craving more and feel called to respond, check out my Manifesting Generator Masterclass.


Or, want more hands-on support? Book an integration call here and we will work together to untangle your design for you and break through the blocks holding you back from living in alignment with yourself.



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