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Understanding How to Be a Manifestor

So your Human Design energy type says you’re a “Manifestor”, huh?


You’ve pulled your chart and now you have more questions than answers...right?

What does that mean?
What is an “
Why are there so many colors? 
Where did all the arrows and lines come from!?


Trust me, I was right there with you not too long ago. Don’t worry, I’ve got you.


Getting into Human Design can be really overwhelming, but that’s where I can help, turning all of these lines and numbers into daily energetic magic that you can actually use.

Over the last few years, I have spent my time learning and embodying the beauty that living authentically within your Human Design can bring to your relationship with yourself, your partners, your co-workers, and your communities.


Alright, so what is Human Design (HD)?


As with everything in life, understanding the basics of what we are learning is key to truly embodying and effectively implementing tools like HD into our personal growth. 

Simply put, Human Design is the study of energy and how each person affects and is affected by those around them.

Through our understanding of the way our own energy moves, flows, and is affected, we can better move through the world around us. 

It also allows us to better understand those around us, which really enhances positive clear communication. Let’s be real, we could all use a little more of that. 


If you are curious about deep diving into the nitty-gritty of Human Design life, you can check out my blog about getting started with HD here.


But for now, I want to chat with you more about what it means to be a Manifestor...

Manifestor Fun Facts:

  • Manifestors are often very introverted, needing to conserve their precious energy.
  • Manifestors are meant to only work in fits and bursts with tons of time for rest, relaxation, and downtime.
  • Manifestors make up about 10% of the population right now
  • Manifestors have an undefined sacral center.
  • Manifestors have the superpower of being able to move very expediently towards something and create something from nothing.


Manifestors and Their Energy

As a Manifestor, you are a visionary.

You’re here to lead, to show us what’s possible.

The Manifestor is such a powerful creature because your strategy is to just let everyone else know what you're doing... and you are doing and creating a lot.

Manifestors do not have a sacral motor, which means you don’t have a motor generating energy for you.

Your throat is essentially the root of your energy as a Manifestor. Depending on your HD chart, you may have more or less direct access to pressure and energy centers, but you're not going to have that generator lifeforce motor running. 

This simply means that you are not here to hustle 24/7 and you have a finite amount of energy to give for a small amount of time and then you need to stop what you're working on.

Because of this, the Manifestor works in fits and bursts of energy.

You may power through for a full day and then chill for a day or two.

You may hustle for 4 hours and then nap for 2. That is so incredibly healthy for the Manifestor.

As a Manifestor, you have a very unique aura. It works as a buffer, pushing others out of the way so that you can move forward more effectively.


Manifestors have big energy, your aura literally moves people, which can ruffle feathers sometimes.


What Is My Strategy As a Manifestor?

So you’re a Manifestor, which is the vehicle, and you have your strategies, which are how you use the vehicle you're in. You're not taking your Porsche Boxster off-roading or mudding. You're taking a Jeep to go do that. Right?  

Your strategy really is simple enough. Once you get the ping, listen to your authority (to learn all about how to use the different Manifestor authorities, access the Manifestor Masterclass here), then you just let those around you know what's up.

Literally, do what you feel called to and just let everyone know what you're doing.

I tell my Manifestors to always inform about everything, as silly as it sounds, no matter what it is, just inform us. Let everyone know.

Your aura moves people, jostles them. If you say, get up from the dinner table to get a refill... "Hey, I am grabbing more water" really can save you and those around you some frustration.

Because, I know as a Manifestor, you can relate to this scenario:

You, *gets up to use the restroom*
Someone at the table, "What are you doing? Where are you going?"
You, *inner UGH* "I have to pee...." *walks away*

It isn't that everyone needs to be a part of every single thing you do. But, your aura naturally moves people about, bumps them, if you will. 

Through informing, you will give those around you and yourself more room to breathe. 


Let's face it, the Manifestor doesn't like feeling as though they're being controlled - you want the freedom to move how you please when you please. 


Authority as a Manifestor

Your authority is how you actually decide what is most aligned for you and when to move. As a manifestor, you have one of 4 inner authorities...

  • Emotional 
  • Ego
  • Self-Projected
  • Splenic

In order to learn how to utilize these, you must become very familiar in your own body how each one feels, when you are in alignment and when you are not. 

(To learn all about how to use the different Manifestor authorities, access the Manifestor Masterclass here)

Your authority will be the piece to master when aligning with your design and learning when to pursue your manifestor urges and when to lean back and let them pass. 


I hope these tools are giving you a jump start to better understanding your energetic flow, and if you are craving more and consider yourself invited to check out my Manifestor Masterclass.


Or, want more hands-on support? Book an integration call here

Inside of this call, we will work together to break through the blocks holding you back and untangle your design together.



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