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Understanding How to Be a Projector

So your Human Design energy type says you’re a “Projector”, huh?

You’ve pulled your chart and now you have more questions than answers...right?

What does that mean?
What is an “
Why are there so many colors? 
Where did all the arrows and lines come from!?


Trust me, I was right there with you not too long ago. Don’t worry, I’ve got you.


Getting into Human Design can be really overwhelming, but that’s where I can help, turning all of these lines and numbers into daily energetic magic that you can actually use.

Over the last few years, I have spent my time learning and embodying the beauty that living authentically within your Human Design can bring to your relationship with yourself, your partners, your co-workers, and your communities.


Alright, so what is Human Design (HD)?


As with everything in life, understanding the basics of what we are learning is key to truly embodying and effectively implementing tools like HD into our personal growth. 

Simply put, Human Design is the study of energy and how each person affects and is affected by those around them.

Through our understanding of the way our own energy moves, flows, and is affected, we can better move through the world around us. 

It also allows us to better understand those around us, which really enhances positive clear communication. Let’s be real, we could all use a little more of that. 


If you are curious about deep diving into the nitty-gritty of Human Design life, you can check out my blog about getting started with HD here.


But for now, I want to chat with you more about what it means to be a Projector...

Projector Fun Facts:

  • Projectors are often very introverted, needing to conserve their precious energy.
  • Projectors make up roughly 20% of the population right now.
  • Projectors unlike Generators and Manifesting Generators have an undefined sacral center.
  • Projectors have a natural ability to be very diplomatic and see the bigger picture.
  • Projectors have the unique energy to be powerful and potent guides.
  • Projectors see deeply into the core of those they are interacting with. 


What Are Projectors Like?

So, you’re a Projector, which means your energy is very focused.

When you are in a conversation, when you are absorbed in your work, it's all right here in front of you.

You really become fully entranced in whatever it is that you’re doing. 

Projectors have this real ability to focus, along with an ability to be extremely efficient.

For the Projector, your aura is based on trust energy.  More so than any of the other design types, you are meant to lean back, to wait for recognition, and to trust the process.  


The Projector is the new leader of the world.


As a Projector, you're going to find yourself doing much better and feeling much more comfortable in a one-on-one setting. 

You can often find other Projectors hanging outside of a big group waiting to be invited into the conversation, interacting with individuals, and creating deep connections.



There are 3 main components to your Human Design that we want to start with - energy, strategy, and authority...


Projectors and Their Energy

The Projector is a non-energy type, this is because the sacral, the Generator motor is not defined for the Projector.

You don’t have that Generator motor turned on, cranking tons and tons of energy. 

The Projector is meant to work in short bursts, managing their precious energy for the most aligned opportunities.

You're not meant to be working, hustling, grinding all day long, you're meant to be a guide, a visionary. 


Honestly, if you want to hire a CEO, hire a Projector. 


Projectors are the visionaries, they are able to chug ahead in chunks and bursts while creating teams of humans who are meant to do the deeper long-term work. 


Want to dive into your energy type even further? Check out my Projector Masterclass. 


What Is Your Strategy As a Projector?

So you’re a Projector, which is the vehicle, and you have your strategy, which is how you use the vehicle you're in. 

You're not taking your Porsche Boxster off-roading or mudding. You're taking a Jeep to go do that. Right?  

As a Projector your strategy is to wait for your invitation.

It's this beautiful, trusting energy. Waiting can be really nerve-wracking since we were all raised to believe that hustling was the best strategy. 

Go out, get it done. “Just Do It”, if you will. 

But, as a Projector, you're being asked to wait until you are seen for your unique zone of genius and then called into it through an invitation.

The Projector often has an incredibly unique zone of genius. When you tap into this and others see it, they are drawn to you.

This is the point when the invitation arrives -  when the opportunity presents itself.

Once you're invited in, you'll get to choose whether or not you want to pursue the opportunity with the precious energy you possess.

That's where your authority comes in.


Authorities as a Projector:

  • Splenic
  • Emotional 
  • Ego
  • Self-Projected


Until you are formally invited in, you're not meant to move because your energy is so precious.

This is when we get into the fun part, the authorities as a Projector, which are the different ways you can know when an opportunity is right for you.

There are a few different authorities that you can have. 

If you haven't yet, go figure out what your authority is in your Human Design chart.

Your authority is like the gas pedal in the car.

You could use your gas pedal at a red light, but you probably shouldn't. You could also use your gas pedal on green and start cruising, hitting every green light.

Your authority type is going to be key to what you choose to do when you do get that invitation. 


How Do You Decide if it is in Alignment for You or Not? 

We will start with the splenic authority.

This is from your spleen, which will be defined on your chart.  Splenic authority means that you have an instantaneous insight to deep intuition.

The spleen tends to speak through feelings of fear and excitement, similar to fight or flight. 

It often comes from the pit of your stomach, just like intuition. The splenic authority is instantaneous.

The key to the spleen is the fact that it's the that the spleen tends to whisper. It's not very loud.

So for the Projector with the splenic authority, it's important to really tune in and listen when you get those Splenic pings.


Then there is the emotional authority

This is the emotional roller coaster, triggered for you as a Projector. 

The emotional authority is pretty tricky. I'll say it's one of the trickiest ones to really get a feel for, but you have to feel it, just like the splenic authority.

Once you’ve felt it, then you know. 

However, the emotional authority does not provide an answer in the moment, you need time. 

For all of my emotional authority clients, I always recommend tracking your emotional waves. You can do this by just having a little notebook and journaling where you’re at emotionally. 

Honor the highs and the lows. Give yourself time and space to make decisions that are aligned for you. Do not rush the process of making a decision.

The last thing I want to mention about the emotional wave is that you're never going to feel 100% certain.

The physical body holds the highs and the lows of your emotional wave, and it can create a range of uncertainty. Trust that you don’t need to be 100% certain.


We also have the ego authority.

Which, honestly is rather rare. Typically with an ego projector, you're going to see a lot of openness in your charts. A lot of centers will be open.

This means the most trustworthy way of knowing when you're in alignment is going to be the heart center of your ego. 

This is the little red triangle, the tiny one. 

With the ego authority, you're going to have a very unique feeling of needing to do whatever you're pulled toward. You'll feel it in your physical body. 

I can't tell you what it's going to feel like in your body though, you have to feel it for yourself. 

When you have a decision in front of you, you're also going to need to talk it out.  You’ll need to decide whether you want to write it out or talk about it.

When you verbalize it, ask yourself questions like:

Is this right for me? Is this good for me? Am I excited about this? Do I want to do this?

If the answers are no, then the answer is no. 

If it is right, you'll feel this deep inner knowing, all based around whether or not this opportunity is truly beneficial.

The ego authority is a very self-centered authority.

This can be good because, if you are in alignment with yourself, whatever you do and create is going to be for the highest good of all. 


Next, there is the self-projected authority.

Which is very similar to the ego. However, in this case, the G-Center (or Identity Center) is your authority.

The G Center is right under your breastbone and will provide a deep inner knowing. 

It may be very subtle and innate and will present itself differently for each individual.

With the self-projected authority, similar to the ego, you’re going to want to vocalize or write about each decision before you make it.

The key with these last three authorities for the Projector is that you have a lot of openness. This means you have the ability to be conditioned by those around you relatively easily.

It's imperative to understand when you are vocalizing a decision, that you are mainly using someone as a sounding board, without necessarily taking advice from them. 

Because you have so much openness, it's very key for you to be aware of your openness.


If you have one of these authorities, I have a fabulous guide on understanding your openness. Just send me a message here that says, "openness" and I will send you that document!


How to Get to Know Your Authority

Something that I always work with my clients on is knowing and sensing your authority. 

Now that you understand your energy type and you know your strategy, get comfortable with your authority. 

This will ensure that you start making decisions that are in alignment every time.

The key to that? Knowing when it feels like you're out of alignment, and what it feels like when you’re in alignment.

I can't know for you. I know what it feels like for me. I know my authority intimately.

I know when my sacral is telling me something, yes or no. I can feel it in my physical body. 

You must become intimately close and in the awareness of your authority, so start playing with it.

Play with it, test it out, take it for a test drive, right?

See what happens when you make a decision that's in alignment. See what it feels like when you make a decision that's out of alignment. 

You’ll know, trust me.

My beautiful souls, we have just hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to living authentically within your Human Design, as a Projector. 


I hope these tools give you a jump start to better understanding your energetic flow, and if you are craving more and consider yourself invited to check out my Projector Masterclass.


Or, want more hands-on support? Book an integration call here

Inside of this call, we will work together to break through the blocks holding you back and untangle your design together.


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